Doctor Who

To date I have contributed three times to the Doctor Who universe in print. I wrote the Decide Your Destiny gamebook The Horror of Howling Hill (published in 2008) and I also wrote about a third of The Official Doctor Who Annual 2010 (published in 2009). My next Doctor Who story Terrible Lizards - featuring the Eleventh Doctor, as played by Matt Smith, Amy Pond and Rory - is being published as part of the chapter book Monstrous Missions in early 2012.

My association with the Doctor began during Tom Baker's tenure. I can recall the first episode of various classic stories - The Seeds of Doom, The Talons of Weng Chiang, Planet of Evil, Meglos - but nothing more, because before the end of the episode I'd be quite literally hiding behind the sofa, the TV would be turned off and I wouldn't be allowed to watch it again for a while.

I can remember the end of Tom Baker's reign much more clearly and from the Keeper of Traken onwards was a fully paid up member of the Doctor Who fan club. I watched practically every episode from that point on and never fell out of love with the programme, even when it was quite clearly rubbish.

When Doctor Who was off the telly, I would pick up the occasional New Adventure (from Virgin Publishing) and even went so far as to pitch for the series myself.

So it was great excitement that I greeted the news that Doctor Who would be coming back to our TV screens. On the evening of 26 March 2005, having made sure my seven month-old son was in bed early that night, I sat down to watch 'Rose'.

The Ninth Doctor isn't my favourite but Russel T Davis built on what he had established and that paved the way for David Tennant's Tenth Doctor. I have to say I love what Steven Moffat's done with the show and was immediately won over by Matt Smith's Mad Man in a Box persona in The Eleventh Hour.