Friday, 25 April 2008

Promotional Pens

Following in the footsteps of fellow writer-cum-blogger Alex Milway, who has had some badges made, I have had my own personalised biro made - or rather around about 1,000 of them!

They really couldn't be simpler - green, frosted pens, with my name and blog address printed on them - but I'm feeling quite proud at the moment nonetheless.

I'll be giving the pens away at events and book signings so, if you fancy one, why not pop along to Grays Library tomorrow?


Mataeus said...

I hope the event goes well today and you have loads o' fun with the old Dalek's there Mr Green!

Al said...

Green pens! brilliant! Do they write in green too?

Jonathan Green said...

Unfortunately not. I missed a trick there, didn't I?

And thanks, Mataeus. I've now put up a post about Saturday's event.