Saturday, 28 June 2008

Blog update

It takes a bit of work keeping five blogs up-to-date and today I've published ten different posts on the Internet (if you include this one).

I thought the best way to let people know what was going with all the different projects I have on the go, was to post a missive linking to the various items I've recently published. So, here it is.

Unnatural History
Recently I've been talking about Gaining momentum with a writing project, Alex Milway on blogging, The Art of Clint Langley and Martin McKenna and Misterstourworm.

Match Wits with the Kids

What is Myrrh Anyway?
Over on this blog I've been alerting people to the fact that there are Only 180 shopping days to Christmas.

Pax Britannia
I'm now busily beavering away at my latest Pax Britannia adventure. To find out more, check out Back to Britannia, and to find out how old maps of London have been making a difference, read A life in maps.

Happy reading!

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