Saturday, 22 August 2009

Stormslayer - the wait is almost over

It has been a good few months since I first revealed here that I had written another new Fighting Fantasy adventure entitled Stormslayer. However, since then I have been unable to reveal much more about it... until now.

Stormslayer is out on September 3, which is only a few weeks away now, and next week I will be revealing the brand new covers for the first four books that will be released as part of the Fighting Fantasy re-launch.

So, watch this space over the coming week, and prepare to be amazed!


Mataeus said...

Amazon has it listed as 208pages, please tell me it's still at least a 400 paragraph story :)

Jonathan Green said...

It is precisely 400 paragraphs long ;-)

Jamie said...

Hello Jonathan,

Jamie Fry here from
When can you release the artwork for stormslayer and the rest? looking forward to it. Can I get some books signed by you as well? Thanks
PS my e-mail direct is

Jonathan Green said...

Hi Jamie

Hopefully I should get the go ahead from Icon some time this week to be able to publish the new FF covers on my blog.

I'll see if I can get some of Stephen Player's fantastic internal illos up on the Web too, but I'll have to ensure it doesn't clash with the terms of his contract.

And by all means you can get some books signed. I'll drop you an email to get the ball rolling.