Sunday, 6 September 2009

New FF spine designs

A lot of thought and effort has gone into preparing the new FF editions for the re-launch - and they look fantastic! As well as the embossing, funky colours and metallic pantone applied to the covers, the spines are a uniform silver and include a reproduction of the central cover image. As a result, on the shelf next to each other they look great and unmistakeably part of one series!

The very generous people at Wizard Books have sent me one of each of the new editions (along with my author copies of Stormslayer) and despite the best efforts of the Royal Mail (including ripping open the package containing them on the way to my house) they are now safely ensconced on a suitable bookshelf.

If you're yet to pick up a copy of Stormslayer, you can get hold of one here. And if you have, and can't wait for more, I'm currently working on Night of the Necromancer ready for 2010. Judging by the evidence I'd say that FF's on an all time high!

Night of the Necromancer cover mock-up, top left


TheEditor said...

The new books do look quite nice.

I must admit that I instinctively still look for lurid green spines whenever I venture into the children's book section of a book shop (almost 15 years after they disappeared)!

- Alex

Jonathan Green said...

Crikey! Traumatised for life!

Dave said...

The player character in Night of the Necromancer is a ghost? That's nifty.

Mataeus said...

Yes, that does sound like a great twist! Oh I'm excited about this one too now :)
To TheEditor: You're not the only one whol looks for the green spines, but I look for them deliberately in charity shops and the like...