Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mission: Games Workshop - Warhammer World & Lincoln

That's right - two stores in one day! Go me! It was over a week ago now, however, just before Weekend at the Asylum kicked off on 9 September.

I headed up to Lincoln (where the steampunk event was taking place) via Nottingham so that I could pop into GW HQ. Whilst there I had a look round the Citadel Miniatures Hall, marvelling at all the magnificent miniatures on display there, and then popped into the on-site store.

The guys there proudly showed me their entries in the Armies on Parade competition* and I got to have a browse of the new Ogre Kingdoms Army book. The Warhammer World store was gearing up for a visit by not one but two Black Library authors the next day - the inestimable Graham McNeill and relatively new author (but old hand in terms of years with BL) Mr C Z Dunn himself, author of Hive of the Dead - the first ever Warhammer 40,000 gamebook.

So then I set off on the last leg of my journey to Lincoln. Having checked into my hotel there I wandered into town before things kicked off at the Asylum and somehow - either using some kind of homing instinct, or perhaps because my nose is just attuned to the smell of Chaos Black basecoat - I found my way to the Lincoln GW store where I was welcomed by store manager James Monk.

There I saw a magnificently painted Arachnarok spider, similar to the one that features in Sir Dagobert's Last Battle. James informed me that the Lincoln store was hosting its own Armies on Parade day the following day, and that one local had collected a huge Black Templar army and would love to meet the author of The Armageddon Omnibus. Unfortunately I was busy steampunking the next day but I hope it all went well and maybe I'll be able to pop in again early September 2012.

Which reminds me - there's only one week to go until Games Day 2011, which will be my 17th Games Day! Where has the time gone...?

* Funnily enough one of them was a Black Templars army and another an Iron Hands force.

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