Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Warhammer Wednesday: A Word to the Wise

An Extract from
The Great Book of Banishment

Chapter X

Being a Description of the Diverse Artifacts with which the Righteous shall Equip themselves against the Undead

The Book
Keepest thou the sacred book with thee always, so none that are unclean may come nigh unto it. And its pages shall be of vellum, inscribed in the high tongue. And the leather bindings shall be graven with all the marks of Sigmar. When thou reciteth from the book, speakest thou with authority, that the evil-doer may tremble at thy words and shrink back from thee, for they cannot show their faces to righteousness.

The Stake & The Hammer
Seek the holy tree of Sigmar and from its staves, cut thee sturdy stakes. Harden then the spike in the holy flame, while reciting the words of banishment. Take thou thine hammer, like unto that which holy Sigmar wielded on his day of valour. Let it be graven with his holy sigil, against which nothing that is unclean may prevail. And know ye that the unclean shall be dispatched with but three strikes of the hammer upon the stake. And the stake will penetrateth the heart of the evil one and accomplish the banishment for all eternity. And when thou striketh, say the prayer of Sigmar.

The Mirror
Take thou a mirror of polished silver which cometh out of the Dwarf realms and tarnisheth not. Behold, it is incorruptible metal and revealeth the souls of men. Keep it discreetly and let not anyone see it in the palm of thine hand. Whosoever shall have no reflection in the mirror ye shall deliver unto them the holy stake of banishment.

The Sacred Water
And thou shalt have with thee a phial and the sacred water of the well of Sigmar shall be within it. Draw thou this from the holy temple upon his feast day. Behold the sacred water burneth the flesh of the Undead and causeth them to recoil from thee.

The Sign of Sigmar
And this shall be the mark of the witch hunter. He shall wear the sign of Sigmar which is the Twin-Tailed Comet. By this sign his foes may know that the power of holy Sigmar is with him. And none shall withstand the wrath of holy Sigmar, who cometh to save the righteous from the depredations of evil. And whosoever maketh the sign of Sigmar with his hand, he also shall be protected.

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