Saturday, 1 March 2014

Short Story Saturday: Dreadnoughts, Knights and Vampires

Today marks the fifth year of Black Library Live! I've never been to what has become BL's premier event (other than the BL Weekender) but this week, the BL blog has been asking the attending authors what the favourite story is that they've written in that time.

Over the last five years, I have had four short stories published by Black Library* and two Path to Victory gamebooks.

The Relic - It's got Black Templars, Orks, Armageddon, Dreadnoughts, snow and ice... What more do you need to know?

But Dust in the Wind - Imperial Fists face off against the ancient and implacable Necrons on another ice world.

Sir Dagobert’s Last Battle - A Bretonnian village beset by forest goblins find salvation from an unlikely source.

Liberator - The story of a noble Space Marine's fall to Chaos, told in reverse.

Herald of Oblivion - You are Brother Nabor, an Imperial Fists Terminator, tasks with cleansing the drifting space hulk Herald of Oblivion of xenos filth.

Shadows Over Sylvania - You are a vampire, servant of one of the masters of the night who would claim dominion of Sylvania in the aftermath of Vlad von Carstein's failed attempt to become the first vampire Emperor. Which bloodline will you choose? Which allies will you recruit for the final battle? And at the end, whose side will you really be on?

My favourites out of all of these are the two Warhammer-related tales, Sir Dagobert’s Last Battle and Shadows Over Sylvania, not that Warhammer seems to be BL's cup of tea at the moment.

So which are your favourites?

* I've actually written six, one of which will never see print and as to the other, who knows?

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