Friday 16 May 2014

Gamebook Friday: El Aullido Del Hombre Lobo and Fighting Fantasy Fest 2014

This week I had a very productive meeting with Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone at which we decided to make the following public...

Fighting Fantasy Fest is the first dedicated Fighting Fantasy convention, featuring guest appearances by the co-creators of the world's premier gamebook series, artists who have contributed to the books over the years, and the official book launch of YOU ARE THE HERO - A History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks. You can register your interest in attending the con here.

When I arrived at the pub... I mean, our meeting... Steve had a rather nice surprise waiting for me - copies of the first Spanish translation of one of my gamebooks.

German, French and Spanish editions of just three of my fifty books. 

El Aullido Del Hombre Lobo is unusual because it is the first time I have been credited as Jon Green in any published work. Although I refer to myself as Jon, I always use my full name for published projects. This was something of a surprise, but then so was the publication of Howl of the Werewolf in Spanish. ;-)

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