Saturday, 4 October 2014

Short Story Satruday: Legends

It's Short Story Saturday and I find myself sitting here with two short stories, and an entire anthology of short stories, vying for my attention. So rather than working on any of them, I'm posting some reviews of another anthology that I'm in - Legends a.k.a. Stories in Honour of David Gemmell.

"This is a nice selection of stories all with some hints at future developments. good stories always have back stories and these show how they are developed." ~ 5 stars

"A good tribute to David Gemmell. I enjoyed most of the stories, and they made me look up the authors I hadn't heard of previously." ~ 4 stars

"Usually in a collection like this I find myself skipping pages on some of the stories - not this time! ~ 4 stars

"I thoroughly enjoyed this selection of short stories. If you like battle scenes, and fantasy, you'll love this book. Heartily recommended!" ~ 5 stars

So there you go. Why not pick up a copy of Legends for yourself today?

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