Thursday, 1 October 2015

New Book Day! I Love That Minifigure!

Meet the most sought-after LEGO® minifigures of all time, I Love That Minifigure brings together 200 of the coolest, rarest and most collectible minifigures.
I Love That Minifigure is your indispensable guide to the LEGO® world's unique characters. Whether you want to check your collection or read-up on all your favourite LEGO® minifiguresI Love That Minifigure covers more than 35 years of LEGO history, and comes with its own new and exclusive LEGO minifigure for your collection.
Find out the key features of each minifigure, their original availability and rarity rating perfect for any budding LEGO minifigure collectors.
And I wrote about a quarter of it. :-)

 Skeleton Guy - one of the new Series 14 Monsters LEGO minifigures - posing in front of the book he appears in.

My first credit in a Dorling Kindersley book, as well as my first credit in a LEGO book.

 I wrote this...

 And this...

  And this!

All published since May 2015.

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