Thursday, 19 January 2017

Steampunk Thursday: "Pulp Fiction of a Good Standard"

According to, Thursday 2nd March 2017 will mark 10 years since the publication of my first Pax Britannia novel Unnatural History.

Bearing that in mind, it's always a pleasure to come across readers who are discovering the series for the first time. For example, here's an extract from a review written in September last year*:

"Steampunk abounds in a never-ending Victorian empire where Good Queen Vic has been kept alive way beyond her natural span... with technology and near the present day Victorian tech has shaped an alternative Earth.

"Green's particular skill is with his info dumps bringing us up to date on the Pax Britanna world... The underground has been superseded by an Overground, there are sort of steam powered robot police and lots of extinct animals have been found and put into Jurassic Park style zoos.

"Enter our hero, traditional action adventurer, in the Quartermain mould, Ulysses Quicksilver. He is assigned to investigate a strange death... but soon uncovers a plot by... a group that wants to bring an end to an empire they see as corrupt and past its lifespan...

"A readable style, which flows along nicely with enjoyable characters."

Remember, you can pick up Pax Britannia: Unnatural History for your Kindle for free here.

* Edited to make it more readable.

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