Friday, 28 April 2017

Gamebook Friday: The Resurgence of the Printed Word

Apparently sales of printed books have grown for the first time in four years, lifted by the adult colouring book craze and 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland, as eBooks suffered their first ever decline.

Now, I wouldn't want to claim I had anything to do with the resurgence of printed book sales, but it just so happens that both Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland and the Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland Colouring Book would have been counted among those sales. And for anyone who enjoyed the first colouring book, there is now a second one available.

We wouldn't want the sales of traditional printed books to slide again in 2017 now, would we? So, with that in mind, make sure you place your pre-order for The Wicked Wizard of Oz, which will be out very soon, also from Snowbooks.
And while we're on the subject of gamebooks, it's not too late to place a Late Pledge for YOU ARE THE HERO Part 2, which is slowly starting to take shape.

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