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Friday, 18 August 2017

The World's First Fighting Fantasy Pub Quiz

Do you know your Calacorms from your Clawbeasts? Do you know the difference between a Krell and a Krell? Can you find your way around a map of north-western Allansia?

If you do, or you can, then perhaps you should come along to the world's first Fighting Fantasy pub quiz a fortnight today.

Get warmed up for FIGHTING FANTASY FEST 2 with a special get together for Fighting Fantasy fans!


Admission is £5 per person.

We are raising money for the men's health charity Prostate Cancer UK, in memory of Freeway Fighter illustrator Kevin Bulmer. Once costs have been covered, all proceeds will be donated to Prostate Cancer UK.

Spaces are limited and entry is by ticket only.

This event is for over 18s only.

And then on Saturday 2nd September, join other Fighting Fantasy fans to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the world's premier gamebook series at FIGHTING FANTASY FEST 2!

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