Friday, 25 September 2020

Gamebook Friday: European Day of Languages

Friday 25 September is the European Day of Languages, which is rather apt because I have had some news recently about some of the foreign language editions of my ACE Gamebooks.

Alice au Pays des Cauchemars - the French language edition of Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland, published by Éditions Alkonost - is being distributed in game stores by Novalis, a subsidiary of Asmodée, which means that it is now on the shelves of almost every RPG store in France!

Alice au pays des cauchemars on sale in an RPG store in France.

Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland is now available in English, Czech, Germany, French, Spanish (Argentina), Portuguese (Brazil), with the Italian edition on its way some time next year*.

It's also World Dream Day and the end of National Mushroom Month, which are also a perfect fit for Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland, which features both dreams and mushrooms.

Kev Crossley's illustration of the Caterpillar atop its toadstool.

I also received copies of the Czech language edition of The Wicked Wizard of Oz from Mytago Publishing this week. Now just called Oz, it is a lovely little hardback with good quality paper stock and black endpapers.

The English edition of The Wicked Wizard of Oz next to the Czech edition, Oz, for size comparison.

And to finish on, Chameleon Comix recently posted this image on Twitter...

That's right, 'TWAS - The Krampus Night Before Christmas will be out in Hungarian before Christmas 2021. 

If you are a publisher who would like to publish the ACE Gamebooks series in your country, drop me a line at

* I hope. It was supposed to have been released this spring, but COVID but the kybosh on that plan.

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