Wednesday, 7 May 2008

JG's Back Catalogue: Pax Britannia

So now we come to the steampunk world of Pax Brtiannia. I created this series setting for Abaddon Books in 2005 and with the exception of Al Ewing, who wrote El Sombra, I am the only writer for the line.
'But what is Pax Britannia?' I hear you say. Well, in a nutshell... It's 1997 and Queen Victoria is still on the throne, kept alive by means of a steampunk life-support throne. The British Empire - now called Magna Britannia - rules supreme... well almost. Dinosaurs still exist in small pockets around the world and can be seen on show in the Challenger Enclosure of London Zoo. Railways span the globe and both the moon and Mars have been colonised. Steam-powered and clockwork robots can be found in all walks of life as can Babbage-inspired analytical engines (in other words, computers).

The first title in the series is Unnatural History (published in 2007) and centres around a plot to bring down the empire on the occasion of the Queen's 160th jubilee. My second adventure is Leviathan Rising (published in March 2008), a murder mystery set on board the world's largest submersible cruise liner. The hero of both theses stories is the dashing dandy and government agent, Ulysses Quicksilver.
As well as the two novels to date (with more to come), Ulysses Quicksilver has also appeared in two novellas, Fruiting Bodies (published in El Sombra) and Vanishing Point (which accompanies Leviathan Rising).

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uglybadbear said...

Sorry for the offtopic!
Dear Jon, we've met briefly at Eastercon, I'm one of the publishers from Romania who were interested in publishing Abaddon Books' series, Pax Britannia and The Afterblight Chronicles. My colleague Bogdan has already made an offer to the Abaddon guys while at LBF, but we've still haven't received the books. Can you please help us with this?
My e-mail is horiaursu(at)gmail(dot)com.