Friday, 16 October 2009

Dark Side

What's all this about? Well click here to find out.

Image copyright Rebellion developments (c) 2009, used here with permission, all rights reserved.


ediFanoB said...

Awesome Art and terrific news for all PAX BRITANNIA lovers!

You want more information about the PAX BRITANNIA series? Then read The World of PAX BRITANNIA.

Jonathan Green said...

Hi ediFanoB

Thanks for the comment and the link - and for the great reviews and comprehensive coverage of the PB series.

Email me at with your contact details and I'll send you a signed copy of the new PB book when it comes out.

As you've already pre-ordered Blood Royal I'll send you Dark Side if you prefer although it won't be out for a while.

Oh and check this link:

ediFanoB said...

Hi Jonathan,

be sur, I will do. Once again thank you.