Sunday, 11 October 2009

Stormslayer - available at Harrods!

It's my birthday tomorrow - just in case you'd missed that little titbit of information - and as a birthday treat the family and I went to Harrods today. And I was very pleased to see the newly re-formatted Fighting Fantasy adventure gamebooks in Waterstone's inside the store.

I was so pleased, in fact, that I took a photograph.

If you've yet to discover the delights of Stormslayer, you can buy it here. And if you need any persuading, here's what other people are saying about it...

'I was pretty much blown away. Stormslayer snatches many of the rich ingredients from the original Fighting Fantasy titles, but bravely pushes the classic series into the next generation... 9/10' -

'Stormslayer is... another triumph of storytelling and design.' -

'In the first of the new titles, Stormslayer, the hero... needs to harness the four Elements before going on a terrifying adventure into the kingdom of Femphrey... The first decision is made on page one... From then on in, it is your story. Mine featured Earth demons, skeletons, impenetrable landscapes and firewyrms. I battled enemies and thought hard about where I should go next. It was fun. The instructions in the book/game are easy to follow and there is something special about guiding the story yourself. Was I successful in my task? That would be telling – and, of course, your story will be completely different.' -

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