Wednesday 7 July 2010

Howl of the Werewolf

Howl of the Werewolf has been reviewed here along with a number of other werewolf stories. And it hasn't fared too badly either, as you can read here for yourself:

This article reviews some of the best werewolf stories in recent years. Top of the pile will have to be Howl of the Werewolf, a fighting fantasy gamebook and adventure by Jonathan Green. Howl of the Werewolf could actually be considered as a collection of short stories in which you control how the story unfolds. Essentially you start off being in this land called Lupravia, where you start off being the target of a pack of wolves.

Lupravia is a land of werebeasts, and full of danger everywhere. You end up killing the Black Wolf that attack you. However, a change starts unfolding in you. An animal rage begins to surface in you. Your knuckles seem to be getting sharper...... your eyebrows become more protrusive and hairy. A kind hearted woodsmith explains the change in you is due to lycanthropy and you are slowly turning into the beast whom you have slayed.

The only solution is to travel across Lupravia to the source of the curse, the Arch-Lycanthrope, the werewolf who started it all. Can you survive the journey across to the castle and overcome this arch enemy? Or will you succumb to the perils of the land of Lupravia? Will you surrender your will to the werewolf that is attempting to take over your body?

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