Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Night of the Necromancer

Night of the Necromancer has been out for almost a year now and in that time it's garnered plenty of praise:

Another great addition to the Fighting Fantasy series.

Green is also keen to strike a balance between appealing to older and younger audiences. This doesn't suggest that he is unsure of who to aim the book at, but indicates his capability as a writer to craft a work so as to be of interest to a broad spectrum.

Overall, I would highly recommend Night of the Necromancer, well worth the purchase.

If you've had a go at the adventure yourself but you're getting a little bogged down, you can find a very concise solution here.


P-man said...

Where do I buy it in Singapore? It's almost as if the book is extinct.

Jonathan Green said...

Hi P-man

I think your best chance of picking it up is by going here:


All the best