Tuesday, 18 January 2011

So, you wanna be a writer?

If the title of this blog post applies to you, and you've done a little more than just talk about how much you want to be a writer and have actually written something, and what you've written is a science-fiction, fantasy, horror or genre-crossing alien-invasion, faerie-living in the London Underground, crime-thriller mash-up but you've never been able to get it in front of an editor because your work is unsolicited and you don't have an agent - (breathe!) - then this might just be for you.

Marc Gascoigne (one-time editor, co-writer, landlord and publisher of mine) is opening the big airy Open Submissions window in the Angry Robot Books office just for you. You can find out more about this initiative on the AR Submissions page here, and at the Literary Project here.

And all that there remains for me to say is - "Good luck!"

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