Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dragonmeet - The Aftermath

A few photos are starting to appear online now, podcasts are going live and others are blogging about their experiences of this year's Dragonmeet.

The Official Fighting Fantasy Website has a piece on the front page, in which the Warlock name-checks me. There is a link to a recording of James Wallis's interview with Ian Livingstone, in which I also get name-checked (and you can actually hear me at about 55:30).

And Sarah Newton's posted some photos of our panel here. (Just don't ask why I appear to be crooning and whistling!)


Tony Hough said...

Darn! I'm sorry I missed this! We really ought to meet up at some of these conventions....

Tony Hough said...

Darn! I'm sorry I missed this - we really ought to meet up at some of these conventions!

Jamie Fry said...

Here, here Tony. Would like to meet you one day as well!

Oh and Jon, sorry, I should of asked permission to use the photo. Whoops, hope you don't mind.

Jonathan Green said...

We should try to arrange something around FF's 30th anniversary. Maybe Ian and Steve would like to hold a party?

And Jamie, no worries. You've asked for it retrospectively. ;-)

Jamie Fry said...


I will never see you lot again in the same light after that elf video. http://bit.ly/w4nRMb

I think you have a great idea there. Maybe I will just drop it into a converstaion with them when I next speak to them.