Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Space Marines

I have recently embarked on a new Space Marines story for Black Library and so decided it was time to dust off my previous Space Marines stories for the reading public.

First off there are my Space Marine novels that are now in print again, thanks to the wonders of Print on Demand technology.

Here's what fans have been saying about The Armageddon Omnibus:


Love this omnibus...

Amazing omnibus, been looking for these books a long time, great writing, my new favorite BL author.

And here's what they've had to say about Iron Hands:

This is a great book and well worth the read I have a copy of when it first came out and I am now rereading it again its just as good if not better the second time around.

[A] fracking awesome, Space Marine novel, I loved it from start to finish.

Don't forget, you can also pick up my Imperial Fists short story But Dust in the Wind for the eReader of your choice here.

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