Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Warhammer Wednesday: Reviews of the Space Marines

This, it has to be said, totally awesome piece of artwork of a Howling Griffon Space Marine by Marek Okon will adorn The Space Marine Omnibus, coming next summer from Black Library.

The Space Marine Omnibus will collect together short stories from Victories of the Space Marines, Legends of the Space Marines and Treacheries of the Space Marines, all of which feature stories by Yours Truly (namely But Dust in the Wind, The Relic and Liberator).

Here's what some of Black Library's readers have been saying about the above anthologies and the stories contained within...

Treacheries of the Space Marines - Liberator
"Some cracking stories. Was rooting for the Emperor, but to no avail. Well written and worth a read."

"This is my first real sample of Jon Green and I like what I have read, I look forward to reading more of him in the future and I hope he has some full-length novels in his plans."

"In many ways, Treacheries of the Space Marines is a horror anthology..."

Legends of the Space Marines - The Relic
"The anthology in question, Legends of the Space Marines, was undoubtedly an excellent read... Kyme's, Scanlon's, Goto's, Swallows's, Green's and Bowden's stories were beyond a question wonderfully composed. Mister Green's plethora of unique story twists were wonderful..."

"Four Stars! Author Jonathan Green writes his story from the grand view point of a Dreadnought. I found it to be enlightening to say the least."

"The uniqueness of a story told from the perspective of a Dreadnought piqued my interest since I have yet to encounter a lengthy story with a Dreadnought as the main character."

Victories of the Space Marines - But Dust in the Wind
"Having not read anything by Jonathan Green in the past apart from a good short story in Legends of the Space Marines, I was pleased to see a new take on the Imperial Fists..."

"The sacrifice in the stories is almost palpable and the action is really spot on for the Space Marines."

"Imperial Fists Marines versus the robotic Necrons in a fight to the death. Green’s story shows us in no uncertain terms that even though victory comes with a cost, the fight is still worth fighting. And there’s a face off between genetically powered warriors and tomb dwelling robots which is done in the best possible way. You can’t lose really. (9/10)"

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