Thursday 21 March 2013

Steampunk Thursday: Clemency Slaughter and the Legacy of D'Eath - A Grim, Gothic Tale Without a Happy Ending

It's Steampunk Thursday here on Or should that be Gothic Thursday?

The reason? Because today I want to talk to you about Clemency Slaughter and the Legacy of D'Eath, a grim, gothic tale born of a chance meeting at the Steampunk convention Weekend at the Asylum last year.

When Tom Brown (the artist behind Hopeless, Maine) and I first discussed collaborating on a project, it was going to be a Steampunk project. But then it morphed into something less knowingly anachronistic and a lot more darkly gothic.

So what is Clemency Slaughter and the Legacy of D'Eath?

Well, in a nutshell, it's a book, written by Yours Truly and fully illustrated by Tom, and it's due to be published by Steel Quill Books, a new imprint of NewCon Press.

At first it might appear to be a children's book, but in reality it is something much darker and more adult. Children of all ages will enjoy its mix of macabre humour and beautiful illustration - and you can become the proud owner of one (as long as the project funds) if you pledge £12 or more here.

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