Friday 15 March 2013

Gamebook Friday: Foreign Edition of the Spider God

When Temple of the Spider God was released for Android devices it was also released in French for French-speaking Android users.

I think (and if anyone knows differently, please let me know) that Temple of the Spider God - or, rather, Le Temple du Dieu Araignée - is the 6th gamebook of mine to be translated into French, and it's received some pleasing reviews.

Here's one from the French app store:

"Le système de jeu est très simple mais permet de jouer rapidement sans que les combats s'éternisent. Les défis sont bien équilibrés, sans donner l'impression que vous vous en sortirez haut la main. Ll'histoire compte plus de 500 paragraphes, permettant de nombreux choix et variations. Et la maquette personnalisable permet de trouver chaussure à son pied en termes de confort de lecture. Bref, si vous aimez les livres dont vous êtes le héros, cette collection est pour vous."

One of the bits I particularly like (in English this time) is this:

"The challenges are well balanced, without giving the impression that you will come out with flying colours."

Just to remind you, the following Fighting Fantasy titles (all written by me) are also available now in French (or will be soon).

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