Friday, 5 April 2013

Gamebook Friday: MAELORUM by William Fincher

So, this arrived in the post yesterday...

That's right, it's William Fincher's Kickstarter-funded gamebook Maelorum. I've not had a chance to have a read or play through it yet, but first impressions leave me impressed. The paper quality, the production values, the colour illustrations, the sheer amount of text... It truly is a labour of love.


Here's what the blurb has to say on the back of the book:

Welcome to the imperilled world of Maelorum, where your choices will change how this story unfolds.

What will you do when an ancient nemesis rises again to remind the world that magic and monsters still exist?

Choose one of three Heroes, and adventure into dark forgotten ruins and dungeons to save Maelorum.

With multiple endings, and over a dozen full colour illustrations, random encounters, and an entirely new single reader role playing system, Maelorum is an immersive and complete world. You will never read the same story twice!

If you missed the Kickstarter yourself, you can find out more and order a copy of the book here.

My name in the acknowledgements as a thank you for backing the project.

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