Saturday, 20 April 2013

Moshi Doctors

Seeing as how I've written for both Doctor Who and Moshi Monsters, this is a marriage made in heaven, as far as I'm concerned. ;-)


Anonymous said...

One question for you sir:

I hope you write it very soon. :D

Jonathan Green said...

I always planned to complete the trilogy for that doesn't seem to be BL's plan at the moment.

When I discovered that Crusade and Conquest were going to get the POD treatment, I offered to write a novella to tie up all the loose ends from book 2, but there wasn't the time or money at BL's end to make this a possibility.

I suspect it's highly unlikely it will ever happen now. As I understand it, Black Templars are something of a no-go area at the moment for the whole of GW - but then again, I could be wrong.