Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Warhammer Wednesday: Mission Games Workshop - Maidenhead

Last Friday took me to Maidenhead and so I dropped by the local GW store.

There I was met by Luca, an enthusiastic fan of all things Black Library-related. We chatted about favourite books and authors, and naturally got onto the subject of my own stories.

Luca is currently challenging his regulars to create a miniature from any BL product that doesn't already have a dedicated mini of its own. This phenomenal piece is store regular Graham's take on the Daemon Engine from Nick Kyme's audio drama Fireborn.

And here is just a small part of Luca's own inquisitorial Warhammer army.

Luca did threaten to use one of my books for inspiration for a future modelling project. So who knows? Maybe in a few months' time I'll be posting about that on a future Warhammer Wednesday...

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