Thursday, 13 June 2013

Gamebook Friday moves to Thursday: Spellbreaker and Curse of the Mummy

A couple more reviews of some of my early gamebooks for you today. First we have Mark Lain's recent review of Spellbreaker (my first published book).

"Spellbreaker is on the whole a very good book and would probably have been viewed as a potential series classic had it been released during its heyday as it has lots going for it, in particular brilliant handling of theme and atmosphere... Certainly a much better debut than most of the other FF guest authors managed to put together."

To read the whole review, follow this link.

And then there's Marsten Eccleston's playthrough of Curse of the Mummy.

"The structure of this book is nicely different from the usual 'go kill the evil wizard' type, instead giving you more the feeling that you're exploring a new region of Titan with a new history to it. In short, it's a first-rate book, clear to see why it earned a wizard reprint."

To read the rest of the playthrough, click this link.

To buy either book (or any of my other Fighting Fantasy titles for that matter), go here.

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