Friday 19 July 2013

Gamebook Friday: Shadows Over Sylvania - a new review!

"I've been a fan of game books for well over 20 years and also have played Warhammer for a similar time. It was then with great delight that I discovered 'Shadows over Sylvania'. Jonathan has done a great job of bringing the Warhammer World to life in a new and totally unexpected way. 

The story is set in the dark lands of Sylvania at a time prior to the current Warhammer setting and was of particular interest to me as a Warhammer Vampire Counts player.

The book pits you as a vampire thrall of one of three bloodlines, each with their own unique abilities and sets you on a quest to secure land for your master.

I just can't stop playing through this adventure, there are some many twists and turns and the different bloodlines adds a interesting new aspect to the story as well as the allies system which adds a totally new layer to the game.

Karl Richardson has also done a fantastic job of bringing the horrors of the Warhammer World to life.

Overall, this is a fantastic game book that I have revisited many times and undoubtedly will again.

Easily 10/10, I hope there are many more to come."

Thanks, Andrew! 

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