Monday, 29 July 2013

The Big Kindle Giveaway - Was It Worth It?

Well, I say big, there was only actually one book on offer, and only for five days, but here's how things panned out?

UK - 152 downloads
USA - 93 downloads
Germany - 7 downloads
Canada - 3 downloads
Japan - 2 downloads
India - 1 download

So that's a total of 258 free downloads over five days. I might have hoped for more, so, the question has to be, was it worth it? Well it generated some interest in my work at the time, and probably brought some new readers into the fold, but best of all the book received these 5 star reviews (which never hurts):

"Although creepy, there were no real shockers in there for me until the very last story (The Doll's House) which was also my favourite of the collection. A struggling mother gets dangerously close to losing it after the appearance of an unwanted childhood toy brings old nightmares back to life. It's one of those stories which you know isn't going to end happily ever after, so the only question is when and how bad is it going to be. Other stories which stood out for me were Necropolis - A criminals plans for an evening of getting up to no good backfire, and as panic and paranoia set in, the busy streets of London offer little hope. Also Fear to Tread - Always enjoy this type of story. A move to a nice quiet village turns out to be anything but as sinister signs are revealed and nothing is quite what it seems."

"The Dolls House (10/10) When a struggling new mother finds that home life is running her ragged, she decides to root out the problem."

"Seeing the name Jonathan Green on a cover of a novel, for me, sells it instantly, knowing this is a collection of short horror stories again, sells it. The best thing for me about collections like this is it generally cuts down the genre to just the bare essentials instead of giving authors way too much space to fill up and distract from the bones of the business and this is where Green is always at his best anyway. Direct, creepy as hell and worth every second of your time."

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