Tuesday 21 January 2014

Public Lending Right loans - 2012/2013

This is the seventh year I've done this, so let's get started...

Here's the list of my top ten most library loaned books for July 2012 - June 2013 (with last year's placing in brackets):

1. (2) Monstrous Missions (Feb 12)
2. (1) The Horror of Howling Hill (Mar 08)
3. (-) The Night Before Twistmas (Sep 12)
4. (3) Crisis on Coruscant (Jan 10)
5. (-) Moshi Music Stars (Jan 13)
6. (4) Stormslayer (Sep 09)
7. (-) Zack Binspin (Mar 13)
8. (-) Resurrection Engines (Sep 12)
9. (6) Night of the Necromancer (Apr 10)
10. (5) Howl of the Werewolf (Sep 07)

Interestingly - from my point of view anyway - my most borrowed book this year wasn't my most lucrative, because I share the proceeds from loans for Monstrous Missions with Gary Russell who wrote the other story that appears in the book. That means that The Horror of Howling Hill is my highest earning loaner for the fifth year running.

The new big earners for me this last year were my Moshi Monster books, and with more registered since July 2013, I'm hoping this is a trend that will continue next year.

Despite not having had a new Fighting Fantasy gamebook published since 2010 (four years ago this April!) they still prove popular with library borrowers. For some reason Stormslayer is still my most borrowed FF gamebook, even though I feel that both Howl of the Werewolf and Night of the Necromancer are better. But here's now all seven compare with each other.

1. Stormslayer (Sep 09)
2. Night of the Necromancer (Apr 10)
3. Howl of the Werewolf (Sep 07)
4. Curse of the Mummy (Oct 95)
5. Spellbreaker (Jun 93)
6. Bloodbones (Sep 06)
7. Knights of Doom (Jun 94)

My Pax Britannia books appear to be just as popular with library goers as they are with Steampunk convention attendees (even though they've been bumped out of the Top Ten by my Moshi Monster books) although it's interesting to see Human Nature jump to the Number One slot, at least as far as Ulysses Quicksilver's adventures are concerned.

1. Human Nature (Dec 08)
2. Time's Arrow (Nov 12)
3. Evolution Expects (May 09)
4. Leviathan Rising (Mar 08)
5. Anno Frankenstein (May 11)
6. Dark Side (Oct 10)
7. Blood Royal (Jun 10)
8. Unnatural History (Feb 07)
9. The Ulysses Quicksilver Omnibus (Nov 10)

So, which will be the best loaners this time next year? And which new titles will have joined the list? ;-)

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