Sunday, 8 June 2014

Fighting Fantasy Fest - Be a part of Fighting Fantasy history!

FIGHTING FANTASY FEST 2014 is a unique event, the like of which has never been held before in the 32 year history of Fighting Fantasy. By attending you will become a part of that history - and possibly even a reference in the 40th anniversary edition of YOU ARE THE HERO ;-) - but you'll need to purchase your ticket.

There are three important things you should know about tickets for FIGHTING FANTASY FEST:
     1) They are only on sale for a limited time.
     2) There are only 300. No more will be released nearer the date of the event.
     3) You need to buy yours soon.

So if you're thinking of coming to FIGHTING FANTASY FEST, don't delay - buy your ticket today! Then you'll know what you're doing on Sunday 7 September, and be able to make plans accordingly, and there'll be no chance of you missing out on what it going to be a truly fantastic festival of fantasy writing and artwork.

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NiceMazeShark said...

But. But. But... I live on the other side of the planet and don't have the Aleph!