Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Guest Author April - David Guymer

My latest book, Slayer, marks 14 books and 16 years since the first novel of the Gotrek and Felix storyline, Trollslayer, introduced us to the doom-seeking dwarf, Gotrek Gurnisson, and his chronicler, Felix Jaeger. Over that span, they’ve slain villainous rat-men, daemons, dragons, vampires, hordes of zombies, and taken time out for numerous short stories, novellas and side novels. The author has changed more than once over that time, as has the Warhammer world itself, but Gotrek and his long-suffering companion have carried on slaying with a characteristic blend of action and humour. But now their long career comes to an end. Gotrek and Felix’s final adventure takes them through the wreckage of the world’s last days, battles on land, in the air, and deep beneath the halls of the mythical Fortress of the First Slayer. Readers can look forward to all of the action and laughs that they rightly expect from a Gotrek and Felix novel, but with the added tragedy of approaching the end of the Slayer’s long quest for a mighty doom.

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