Thursday, 3 September 2015

New Book Day! I am the Doctor!

It seems like I have a new book being published every month at the moment*, and September is no exception.

Today sees the publication of Doctor Who: Time Lord Quiz Quest.

Written by the Twelfth Doctor himself, this is the ultimate book of Doctor Who puzzles and quizzes! 

Packed with tricky activities and quiz questions, Time Lord Quiz Quest is a book to sort the pudding-brained humans from the actually quite handy ones. Can you solve a pressing problem like a true Time Lord? Do you know your Slitheen from your Silurians? And just how high is your Who IQ? With challenges devised by the Twelfth Doctor, this book is the perfect test for any intrepid Doctor Who fan! 

Yes, you read that correctly - 'Written by the Twelfth Doctor himself'. But it's my new book, therefore I must actually be Doctor Who!

You can pick up a copy of Doctor Who: Time Lord Quiz Quest for the would-be Doctor's companion in your life here.

* The books in question have been written or compiled over the last 12 months**, they just happen to be coming out so close together.

** Apart from one, coming in December, which is an omnibus of three books published years ago!

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