Saturday, 2 April 2016

Short Story Saturday: Game Over

GAME OVER came out last year and has received some very positive reviews, including this one:

Short story collections are problematic .Too loose thematically and there may be only one or two works of interest. Too tight and every story can be a carbon copy.

Game Over neatly overcomes these difficulties and easily takes its place among the high scores. It does this due to editor Jonathan Green being brave enough to collect together stories and authors which in turn are brave enough to push the boundaries of the stated subject of computer games and produce stories which are relevant to this without being constrained by it.

All the stories are excellent and involving. It Was Beauty by Gav Thorpe pulls your heart strings when you least expect it and Simon Bestwick's The Face Of The Deep scored a total bull's eye with me perfectly evoking my memories of the game which inspired it while taking it in directions you wouldn't have imagined previously.

Most of all it made me remember that when I played these games ,when I hastily reached in my pocket for more coins and eagerly pressed chunky start buttons 90% of what took place while playing was in my imagination.

Buy this book!

You can pick up a copy of GAME OVER for yourself here.

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