Friday, 17 February 2017

Gamebook Friday: Alice and Oz updates

Wouldn't it be nice if, in this week of exciting Pax Britannia news, I could tell you that I was writing a new steampunk-inspired gamebook?

Well, I can't, but I can update you on Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland (which has steampunk elements) and The Wicked Wizard of Oz (which has dieselpunk elements).

First there's this new review of Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland:

"As usual Jon Green starts from a very clear and coherent background concept (in this case a mash-up of Alice and gothic-horror-steampunk literary canons) and builds on this a great interactive fiction with brilliant literary skill and stringent internal logic (in this case it is the logic of illogic!!). The result is fantastic and will bring joy both to gamebooks fans and to Alice's fans. What else can we ask???"

Which was nice.

And in The Wicked Wizard of Oz news, the book is finished and currently with the proof-readers and play-testers, and Kev Crossley is hard at work on the illustrations.

Here are his sketches for a couple of the characters you may meet when you return to Oz this May.

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Jam said...

Nice to have an 'ink'ling of Kev's visions ;)