Friday, 7 July 2017

Gamebook Friday: Last chance to place a Late Pledge for YOU ARE THE HERO Part 2!

I'm nearing the end of writing YOU ARE THE HERO Part 2, and one of the last things I have to do is include the names of the people who have backed and supported the project so far.

If you would like a place a Late Pledge, and maybe have your name appear among the Acknowledgements, then you have until 12:00pm noon BST on Sunday 9th July.

Please note, if you put in a Late Pledge you will gain all the benefits of someone who backed the original Kickstarter. For example, any physical copies of YOU ARE THE HERO Part 2 will be hardbacks, you will also receive the prints that come with the £20 Gargoyle reward level and above, and if you back at the £50 Calacorm reward level or above you will also receive a pair of custom-made dice.

So don't delay - get your Late Pledge in today before it's too late!

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