Friday, 9 March 2018

Gamebook Friday: Holding out for a Heroine

In honour of International Women's Day yesterday, today's Gamebook Friday post focuses on my ACE Gamebooks, which all feature strong female protagonists.

In Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland, there is, of course, the indefatigable Alice, who you guide through a warped Wonderland.

The Wicked Wizard of Oz tells the story of stormy Dorothy Gale's return to Oz and the incredible transformation that she undergoes while she is there.

And then there is NEVERLAND - Here Be Monsters!, which I am currently in the process of writing, and which features not one but two heroines, the Lara Croft-esque shipwreck survivor Wendy Darling, and the Sabretooth-riding heroic hunter Tiger Lily.

NEVERLAND - Here Be Monsters! will be published later this year, while Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland and The Wicked Wizard of Oz are both available now.

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