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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Download Bloodbones for free with Fighting Fantasy Classics

As of today, Wednesday 6th June, Fighting Fantasy Classics is available on Steam, ready to be downloaded to you computer.

Ready your sword, pack your provisions and prepare to embark upon quests in which YOU are the hero! Choose what happens at every turn of the page with Fighting Fantasy Classics – text-based role-playing adventures remastered.

The game is a free-to-play download for all Steam users, with every player receiving one full-length gamebook for free with their download - my very own swashbuckling pirate adventure Bloodbones!

Bloodbones sees you take on the role of a traveller seeking vengeance against the powerful Pirate Lord Cinnabar. The dread Captain raided your village and murdered your family many moons ago, and YOU have journeyed to the Port of Crabs to hunt him down and have your revenge.

Written by Yours Truly, the original gamebook is notorious for being the 'lost' Fighting Fantasy title*. Despite being written for publication by Puffin Books, it eventually say the light of day in 2006, when it was published by Wizard Books. And now Bloodbones is making its triumphant return as part of the Fighting Fantasy Classics library.

There are currently seven other classic Fighting Fantasy gamebooks available for purchase, including The Warlock of Firetop MountainThe Citadel of ChaosThe Forest of DoomCity of ThievesDeathtrap DungeonIsland of the Lizard King, and Caverns of the Snow Witch, all of which are currently 25% off!

So don't delay, pick up Fighting Fantasy Classics today! And may your STAMINA never fail!

* You can read more about the mystery surrounding Bloodbones in YOU ARE THE HERO - A History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks.

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