Friday, 24 September 2010

33 West

Out now from Glasshouse Books is 33 East and 33 West. These two volumes form one short story anthology about London. London is made up of 33 boroughs (did you know that?) and each one has its own short story in either 33 West or 33 East - you get the idea...

I'll let the publisher, Bobby Nayyar, explain...

BOOKS / 33 East and West

33 Boroughs, 33 New Shorts, 1 London

Can you name all 33 London boroughs? No, neither could we. 33 pushes the short story genre to new territory by giving 33 writers new, established and up and coming the opportunity to write a story set in their borough. From Bexley to Barnet, Havering to Hounslow.

This is no small achievement. This is London.

I contributed something a little different to 33 West for the London borough of Richmond. Part love story, part [CENSORED - I don't want to spoil the surprise!] and its all told via Twitter, the way we communicate today.

You can get hold of your copy of 33 West (or 33 East) here.

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