Tuesday, 28 September 2010

JG and the British Library

I've lived in the suburbs of London for fourteen years now and so all the wonders of the capital are effectively there on my doorstep. One of those wonders is the British Library. I've known for a long time that various books of mine are stored within its vaults and, as a result, my name is there on their database.

So, this summer, when I found myself near St Pancras with some time on my hands, I wandered in to check out my listing. This is what I found...

Now I know that having children has aged me, but not by that much! I mean I'm not even 40 yet (well, not quite).

So what's happened here is that the renowned dictionary author Jonathon Green has been credited with all my hard work. And you can rest assured that I'm not going to let this lie... Wish me luck trying to get the problem resolved!

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