Saturday, 11 September 2010

Black Library invades Forbidden Planet

I was fortunate enough to attend Thursday night's Black Library Invasion event at Forbidden Planet, where Dan Abnett, Nik Vincent, Graham McNeill, Nick Kyme and Sandy Mitchell were all signing the new Sabbat Worlds anthology edited by Dan the Man himself.

As well as getting my pre-official-release (or whatever) copy defaced by all and sundry, I also got to spend some time chatting to the guys (and gal), James Swallow among them. The hard core then retired to the Phoenix Club for beers (ginger in some cases) and stories about the Ultramarines movie and writing for Doctor Who.

So, all in all, a great night, that's spurred me on to keep plugging away at a couple of projects and left me looking forward to Games Day 2010 in two weeks' time.

You can see somebody else's photos of the event here.

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Danacea said...

Thanks for coming down Jon - good to see you and glad you enjoyed it!