Sunday, 31 October 2010

Night of the Necromancer

Some kind words via my YouTube video channel regarding my most recent Fighting Fantasy title Night of the Necromancer for Halloween night...

Played the book a couple of times and it's very good. Better than Werewolf I'd say, though similar in the respect you can gain special abilities throughout the game rather than pick a few at the start as in past gamebooks. Also I think this is the only FF book that doesn't involve any item collection. (Pretty difficult when you're a ghost...) The codewords system is used to good effect instead of the 'If you have a certain item' style mechanic. Anyway, the book is certainly recommended!


Mataeus said...

Well, after weeks of searching book shops to no avail, I finally relented and went to join and bought Night of the Necromancer, brand new, for less than £4. Thanks to a free trial of Amazon Prime, it arrived today, special delivery - free! As usual I've had a quick flick through at the illustrations - the first thing I always do when getting a new Fighting Fantasy book - and they are great. I especially like the one of the WRAITH QUEEN. I can't wait to sink my teeth into the adventure after reading the background section but unfortunately today I have decorating to do! I will be sure to post here and a review on Amazon, in maybe a week or so when I have finished it. Cheers Jon :)

Jonathan Green said...

Hi Mat

Thanks for buying it!

It's funny you should mention the Wraith Queen. I sent Martin McKenna the synopsis for NOTN and asked him if there was anything in particular he would like to illustrate. He mentioned the Zombie Executioner and the Wraith Queen.

I look forward to reading your review in due course.