Friday 9 March 2012

The Kitschies' Gothic Evening - The Morning After

If you were reading this blog yesterday, you'll know that last night Blackwell's Charing Cross Road hosted the Kitschies' Gothic Evening. It followed a similar format to the Steampunk Evening that took place back in December only this time focusing on Gothic in art and literature. John Courtenay Grimwood read an extract from his new book and Christopher Fowler and Marcus Hearn then chatted about Hammer Horror's legacy and recent revival (or should that be resurrection?) of the gothic genre on celluloid.

There were also sorts of writers and creators there - including artist-author John Kaiine and photographer Joel Meadows - and the usual friends, enthusiasts and literary literati. I wasn't there as a guest this time but that didn't stop Den Patrick making sure I earned my Kraken Rum for the night!

Den's Pen was put to good use on the night.

Amongst those in a attendance (and who I spent all too little time talking to) were Tom Pollock, Will Hill, Jenni Hill (no relation), Sarah Pinborough (who I actually managed to say more than two words to), Philip Reeve (who I failed to speak to at all), Jon Oliver, David Moore, Bex Levene, James Wallis, Magnus Anderson, Lou Morgan, Scott Andrews, James Long, Emily Banyard, Celeste Sharp, Tom Hunter, Sophia McDougall and a whole host of others... apologies to anyone I've left off the list.

I was excited to meet author Tanith Lee. (Can you tell?)

Once the bookshop shut, proceedings moved across the road to the pub where Lavie Tidhar very sweetly tried to be my agent, brightly coloured drinks were drunk and generous offers of free editing expertise were made. Not to me, but a friend of mine. (I can't think why.)

Esther getting better acquainted with Abaddon Dave.

Thanks of course, must go to Jared and Anne of Pornokitsch who (along with Den) organised the evening, and Kraken Rum for keeping the conversations well oiled. Jared flattered me by saying that the twist ending of the story I have in the forthcoming Stories of the Smoke surprised even him - and that's saying something!

Anne in suitably Gothic bat earrings.

Should grown-up drinks really be this colour?

The Usual Suspects.

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EJB said...

Great night! So much fun. Again soon.