Saturday, 4 August 2012

Short Story Saturday: World's Collider - feeling the love!

World's Collider (edited by Richard Salter) has been a bold experiment. (To find out more about the background to the project, follow this link.)

But it would appear that World's Collider has also been a successful experiment. The book's been on sale for a while now and the reviews have started to come in... and on the whole they've been overwhelmingly positive!

Here are a few choice comments from and

Through an amazing act of collaboration, these many and varied writers have combined their skills and created a cohesive whole out of all the parts... It's seamless and yet you can hear each individual writer's voice as they tell their part.

I have never before read an anthology that is structured like a novel. I must say, the idea is brilliant. All of the different writing styles merged together to produce a truly enjoyable reading experience. I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys apocalyptic style stories.

What a GREAT read! I picked this up yesterday and read it all last night until my eyes couldn't stay open, and then finished it this morning. It was so good I simply couldn't wait to post a review!

The author's different writing styles and ideas were powerful and drew you in. Though the pieces were all so different it was never jarring or inconsistent. Instead the short stories were weaved together in a very clever way that highlighted each author's talent with words.

This book is filled with great stories I've thoroughly enjoyed, but what truly sets it apart from other anthologies is the "shared world" idea. In any anthology, I usually just pick and choose a few stories to read, but this one works more like a novel and invites you to discover its entire world. Each short story sucks you in a bit further in as you follow the breadcrumbs, each intriguing in its own merit as well as making the anthology's world more intriguing.

There is also a detailed review of the book by Michael R. Collings that you can read here.

You can pick up your copy of World's Collider here.

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