Monday 3 December 2012

A History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks

If you were here yesterday, you probably read my blog post about Dragonmeet on Saturday. If you didn't, click this link now.

Okay, so now you're up to speed about how Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone gave me a fantastic platform to announce my forthcoming Kickstarter project about the History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks.

I'm hoping that the Kickstarter will go live later this week but there are still a few things to iron out. It looks like I'm going to be able to offer some totally awesome rewards and I've already set up a blog, tentatively titled YOU ARE THE HERO, which you can find here.

This will be the go to blog for news about my Kickstarter project, along with the Kickstarter page itself of course. So bookmark it now, and check your Twitter feed for news about the launch... any day now.


AnonymousWriter said...

a quick question for you jonathan...when you write your adventure game books do you use software (such as inklewell) or do you write it manually on word and then do all the leg work of amending paragraph numbers after you have finished?

if you do use software, could i ask what do you use, or recommend?

Jonathan Green said...

Hi Richard

I write my gamebooks in Word and then muddle the paragraphs up at the end.

That way I can work in paragraph numbers linked to specific items or codewords, and space illustrations out nicely.

Hope that helps.