Friday 28 December 2012


A quick update...

YOU ARE THE HERO is now 71% funded with 255 backers and 8 days to go. That's fantastic going, but we can't let off the pressure now because if the Kickstarter doesn't make £15,000 the book ain't gonna happen! So keep spreading the love or consider pledging yourself (if you haven't done so already).

And in other news... The Tin Man has let the cat out of the bag at long last.

"If you’ve been following the blog for a while you will know that we’ve been hinting for some time about a new Jonathan Green – Tin Man Games collaboration. We can announce that this will be happening this year! We couldn’t squeeze it into our Twelve Days of Gamebooks announcements (plus we currently don’t have any artwork created) so we wanted to mention it here instead. Jon’s new book will be part of our new Gamebook Adventures Masters series (alongside Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs) and will hopefully be the first of many in his new setting. We proudly present Jonathan Green’s Codename: Crusader…"

To find out more, follow this link.

Skill 7? I mean, really! SKILL 7?

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