Sunday, 9 November 2014

The History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks at the Kilburn Literary Festival

Last Sunday I gave a talk on the history of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks and how YOU ARE THE HERO (the book on the same subject) came to be, as part of the inaugural Kilburn Literary Festival.

It was great to make new friends and to see some familiar faces among the audience, including Magnus Anderson and The Forest of Doom illustrator Malcolm Barter (which was a totally unexpected, but very pleasant, surprise)! A special shout-out must go to Andrew and Jamie,

Andrew, Magnus and Jamie, listening attentively to my talk.

Another pleasant surprise, courtesy of Mr Malcolm Barter.

I knew I'd find a use for those books one day.

Thank you to Geraldine, Kayla and Maria who organised Kilburn LitFest, and here's to doing it all again next year.

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